An Italian Affair

Gelatofix is all about an Italian affair.  From the hardware to software elements, it is uniquely “Made-in-Italy.”  The store design is undertaken by an Italian architect & designer, Mr Stefano Ricci.  The proprietary gelato base, chocolate sauce, menu R&D development, gelato display showcase, and others are originated from Italy.

Gelatofix’s motto: “Dream like an Italian.  Dress like an Italian.  Dine like an Italian.” It is definitely enticing and alluring!  Especially, the Italians dream more than anyone else…. the elixir of Italy.  At Gelatofix, we invite everyone to ‘wear a hat and take a break’ and indulge oneself in coffee, gelato, pasta, risotto, cornetto…….!  Enjoying good food is every mankind rights.  These are the culture and habits that we are inculcating in our Gelatofix customers, be it the “Yolo” generation, the working adults, females and families.  

In Gelatofix, we want to replicate a place for people to feel at home, to relax and to be comfortable.  A place where we can be surrounded by nice feelings and pure emotions…and have one of the best indulgences of the world……Gelato!

Our Italian Master Chefs

Gelatofix gelato and dessert menu was designed and hand crafted with passion by award winning Master Chefs. Relish every bite of our tantalising gelato treats, we promise that you’ll be craving for more!


Italian Master Chef Filippo Novelli, Gelato World Cup Champion, who is renowned for his Gelato Sushi Creation



Master Chef Ernst Knam, A.K.A King of Chocolate, Winner Of Many Prestigious International Competitions (E.g. The Toque of Lucerne)