Our Concept


The Gelatofix concept is an Italian Dessert Lifestyle Cafe.  It is renowned for its over the top gelato creations and exquisite Italian cuisine created by award-wining chefs. Our signature range of handcrafted gelato art is created by award wining Gelato World Cup Champion, Master Chef Filippo Novelli.  While the range of artisanal Milanese chocolate patisseries is the work of Master Chef Ernst Knam, popularly known in Italy as the King of Chocolate and winner of many prestigious international competitions e.g The Toque d’Or of Lucerne.  Our in-house talent, Master Chef David Chang works in tandem with both Italian Master Chefs to develop the full menu suite of Gelatofix.

A Place to ‘Hang Your Hats’

The philosophy of Gelatofix is to give everyone a place where they can ‘hang their hats’ which is an Italian way of saying, ‘let’s take a break’ to gelato-fix and chill.  Like a true Italian, we love our gelato and believe no day is complete without our fix of gelato. With Gelatofix, we wanted to showcase a piece of Italian heritage with each gelato experience by our customers.  Our customers’ satisfaction come with each bite, knowing we use the most natural, simplest and transparent of ingredients and processes that are both purposeful and artisanal.   

Cafe Specialty Menu

Other than gelato, Gelatofix also serves nutritious gourmet salads, rich-flavoured soups, lavish mains, and to die for beverages.  For the health conscious, there’s the Italian-inspired gourmet salads that balances off the greens with fruits and dressing, topped with a creamy scoop of Fior di Latte gelato.  If you want something unique for an entree, try the pasta selection with portobello mushrooms, crunchy prawns, succulent squids and juicy parma ham.