Our Promise


‘Gelato’ may be the Italian word for ‘ice cream’ but it’s different!  One can expect a more natural flavour, lesser fat and air, smoother texture and a satisfying experience.

Our commitment to products of nature’s best, minimally processed and with reduced use of artificial substances bring you pure, fresh and back-to-back tantalising gelato treats. This is our promise of ‘clean label’ and our pledge to our customers to be transparent regarding the quality and integrity of our ingredients.

Use of Real Natural Ingredients

We are selective in the ingredients we put into our gelato, sourcing only from the best. Our Signature Hazelnuts are from Piedmont.  It is renowned for its long shelf life and high quality retention of its aroma and flavour after roasting.  It has been given international geographical protection by the EU Commission.  Only hazelnuts grown in a particular way and in the region of Piedmont can be labelled as being from that part of Italy.

Our Pistachios are from Bronte, a village in Sicily, ranked the best in the world.  The production is limited while the cultivation is laborious; the pistachio trees only bear fruit every two years and are carefully hand harvested.  For this reason, Bronte pistachios are more delicate, aromatic and have a brilliant green.

Quality & Integrity in Food

We used grape sugar, a natural product coming from grape through a purification process, that gives our gelato a soft and silky texture.  In addition, grape sugar contains 267 kcal/100g (normal sugar has > 380 kcal/100g) and makes our gelato offerings less sweet as compared to generic ice creams.

Finally, we do not used Trans Fat (hydrogenated vegetable fats) in our gelato production process.  In essence, trans fats increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol.