Gelato Sushi












Gunkan: Fruit ‘salmon’ roe stacked on top of a fruity jelly base, encased in a sweet marzipan seaweed. The sushi is served with a special chocolate wasabi; with the strong and spicy Japanese wasabi beautifully complimenting the velvety flavour of our Italian dark chocolate.













Original Nigiri: Traditional Italian Ice cream replaces the usual seasoned sushi rice as the Nigiri base, and is topped with either a raspberry ‘tuna’ slice or a mango ‘salmon’ slice.

Classic Nigiri: The refreshing flavour of the classic eastern fruit, lychee, is infused throughout our sorbet, with forms the base of this Nigiri. This is topped with the puree of a classic western fruit, puree, and this harmonious union of global flavours is topped off simply with sesame seeds and coconut flakes.












Maki Roll: The most classic of sushi forms, our roll’s centers are filled with a drizzle of mango puree, encased with a sorbet echoing the flavours of plum umebosh, decorated with a generous coating of sesame seeds.